Derby Day in Madisonville

Community events like our annual Soapbox Derby Race is a lot of fun for the entire community and showcases how innovative our youth can be while bringing in members from other communities to experience the beauty of Madisonville.

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Go Team Go!

We've got team spirit!  Our community has a great tradition of youth athletics and everyone gets involved and supports our teams.  Go Team Go!

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We love our work!

Madisonville employees do more than service. Beautification projects like the ArtCans you see here, are a joy for our team to work on.

The ArtCans are unique receptacles crafted by a local artist and sponsored by local business owners and the Downtown Turnaround Partnership.  More than a dozen ArtCans line the streets of our beautiful downtown.  The City's Public Works crews  install and maintain the receptacles once in place. 

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We all get involved!

Our entire community becomes involved in making Madisonville "The Best Town on Earth".   Lots of volunteers roll up their sleeves every day to participate in activities that strengthen our city.  It's part of what makes Madisonville such a wonderful place to live and raise a family! 

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