Spaces to Places Report Now Available


The City of Madisonville recently underwent a series of community placemaking workshops to help us re-imagine our streets as vibrant places.  Project for Public Spaces, LLC facilitated the sessions over a three day period with more than 80 participants attending focus groups and workshops.  We are pleased to have received the final report from the consultants and have made it available to the community.  This tool will be used to help us improve our city's public spaces now and into the future. 

We wish to thank everyone who participated in this process and invite feedback and involvement moving forward.  If you have questions about the report, please feel free to contact the mayor's office at 270-824-2101. 

Click here to download the Spaces to Places report.

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Ready, Set, Run!


We invite you to join us on the next great race taking place in the community.  To learn more about fun walks and runs taking place in the community, visit the tourism commission's website.

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Visit our new Expression Swing

The Parks Dept installed an Expression Swing this week at the Madisonville City Park. Expression Swing is a GameTime exclusive and the industry's first playground swing that promotes inter-generational play as adults and children swing together. The face-to-face design features a bucket seat for children under 5 and a comfortable adult swing that allows a parent and child to interact with each other and to experience one another's facial expressions while at play.

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New Ladder Truck


Madisonville Fire Department begin looking for ways to replace its 1987 102' Rear Mount Ladder truck a few years back. The truck had numerous mechanical problems and was a open cab vehicle, which posed a serious risk to firefighters. Due to the overwhelming cost of this truck, the fire department applied for a AFG Assistance to Firefighters Grant. The AFG grant was turned down 5 years in a row.  In 2013 the AFG allowed vehicle grants to be applied for as a regional grant.

MFD decided to apply for this using the regional approach. It took into account all the run volume, vehicles, and staffing for the entire county.  In late 2013 MFD was awarded its AFG grant for $1,100,000 for its new ladder truck. It was also awarded $25,000 for additional NFPA required equipment, for the truck. MFD members looked at several different options for a new truck. It was determined that a Mid-Mount truck would best suit our needs.

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