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Wastewater Facts

Q. What does the Wastewater Collection Department do?
The Wastewater Collection Department is responsible for maintaining over one hundred, ten miles of main sewer lines ranging in size from six inches to forty-two inches in diameter, plus fifty-three-lift stations.

Q. Who maintains the service lateral from my home or business?
The responsibility for repair and maintenance of service laterals belongs to the property owner.  The WWC Department is only responsible for the structural integrity of the line from the easement or right-of-way to the main.

Q. What if the service lateral is broken in the City's right of way or easement?
Notify the Wastewater Collection Department, the City is responsible for the structural integrity of the service lateral, but not blockages.

Q. What if I have sewer odor in my house?
Run fresh water in all sinks to fill traps inside the house. If this does not cure the problem, check the toilet and make sure its firmly attached to the floor, the wax seal around the toilet may be compromised. If this does not work call a plumber immediately. Sewer gas may be harmful if breathed over a period of time.  The most likely cause is a failed wax ring under the toilet, a dry trap under a sink or tub or there may be a broken pipe in a wall or under the home.

Q. What is a "clean-out"?
A clean out is an access point to the service lateral. Usually a white PVC pipe with a cap to clean and maintain the service lateral.  The clean-out may be used by the WWC Department to camera or identify a problem area on the right-of-way or easement.  It is also the responsibility of the property owner to keep all clean-outs in good working condition and water-tight.  Non-compliance could result in fines and/or legal action. 

Q. What if I do not have a clean-out?
Call a qualified plumber to install a clean out. This may save you money in the future by allowing a blockage to be cleared before damaging your home or business. The clean out also allows periodic maintenance on your service lateral.

Q. What should I do if I see sewer water coming out of the ground or from a manhole?
Stay away from the water and call the Waste Water Collection Department immediately.

Q. Why is there a manhole in my yard?
The manhole in your yard is an access point for the sanitary sewer and in most cases cannot be moved. The most likely reason that it's in your back yard is the terrain.

Q. Where does the sewer water go?
The City of Madisonville operates the Wastewater Treatment facility on A.C. Slaton Road.

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