How do I find the problem?

Sometimes it is difficult to determine if a sanitary sewer backup is caused by a blockage on the City main or the private lateral.  If the customer is unsure if a blockage is on the private lateral, the first call should be made to the city's wastewater collection department at (270) 821-3717. There is no charge for this service.

It is not the city's responsibility to pay for any plumbing charges if the homeowner chooses to contact a plumber first, and it is determined that that the blockage was on a city main.   

After hours call the Madisonville Police Department (270) 821-1720 and follow directions.

If the problem is on the public sanitary sewer, a crew will be dispatched to clear the obstruction immediately. If the problem is on the private service lateral the property owner will be responsible for removing the blockage and/or repairing the lateral.

Note: The plumber or property owner may not dig on public right of ways or easements. If the plumber cannot remove the blockage, a City crew will clear the line and inspect the service lateral to determine the problem. If the problem was a blockage and not the structural integrity of the service lateral, the property owner will be liable for the cost incurred by the City.

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