Environmental Rehabilitation

To Preserve the Environment and to Restore to Former Condition

enviro19The primary mission of "Environmental Rehabilitation" is to restore our aging sewer system. The challenge is to "exactly" locate problems such as broken mains, sags, hammer head taps, leaking joints, collapsed tiles, blockages, root intrusions, collapsed service connections, damaged manholes and to identify lift station improvements.

This is accomplished by cleaning lines, video inspections, smoke testing, dye testing, flow monitoring, monitoring static gauges and draw down test. The information is analyzed on a cost vs. benefit basis.

enviro18Work orders are issued to correct problems with the main sanitary sewer system. This type of information reduces the amount of inflow/infiltration of water and potential problems that may cause an overflow.

Constant maintenance of the main sanitary sewers must be maintained to protect our environment and the citizens of Madisonville and Hopkins County.

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