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Establishing a New Account

We desire to provide all customers with professional service by a knowledgeable team who can thoroughly review each customer's site-specific utility needs.  We recommend to our customers that the first step should be to call Madisonville Municipal Utilities at (270) 824-2102 so that a customer service representative can assess each situation.

Establishing or Changing Residential Account

To establish or change a residential utility service, please visit the MMU office at 77 N. Main Street or call one of our customer service representatives at  (270) 824-2102. For your convenience a downloadable application is available. Applicants must be 18 years of age and provide the following information: Name, driver's license, social security number, phone numbers, service address and billing address. MMU may require a copy of a tenant's lease agreement.

Customers may be required to pay a deposit. MMU will use an "on line" credit information service to determine the deposit amount.  A service fee of $15 will be applied to all residential accounts. 

Deposits are returned with interest to the customer after an established period of 18 months with no delinquent notices to the account.  No transfer of security deposit to another account is permitted.

Establishing or Changing a Commercial or Industrial Account

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Service customers will be advised to work directly with the Madisonville Municipal Electric Department.  It is again our recommendation that each customer call to speak with a professional to discuss electrical needs - (270) 824-2130. Upon submission of a completed application; MMED will review the customer's request, visit the proposed site, determine the construction needs, calculate the applicable deposit and assist the customer through the contract process. By providing this personalized service MMED believes the customer will receive a better quality of service and ensure all their electrical utility needs are met.  For more detailed information about rates or to obtain an application for commercial service, please visit the Electric Department Page.

Prior to establishing a commercial account, a current business license must be on file with the City's Finance Department. For more information about this process please visit the Finance Department Page or call (270) 824-2107 for more information about this process.

Qualifying existing commercial electric customers who desire to relocate or expand may have the option to enroll in the Commercial Deposit Deferral Plans.  Water, Sewer and Sanitation service for commercial and industrial customers shall be established at the MMU office at 77 N. Main Street. Customers may call ahead to inquire about applicable fees and deposits,  (270) 824-2102.

How do I obtain a Residential Electric Service?

Step One:  Fill out the application

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