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Billing Information

MMU will process the billing of utility accounts within a scheduled timeline. MMU makes every effort to read each meter every 28 to 32 days. When MMU is unable to read the meter after reasonable effort, the customer shall be billed for an estimated consumption based upon the best information available. The due date for payment on all bills will not be less than 15 days after the billing date.

About Your Bill

What is the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA)?  The Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) is a rate mechanism that MMU and many other electric utilities use to recover fluctuating purchased power costs.  MMU purchases electricity from Kentucky Utilities (KU) at wholesale rates which fluctuate monthly with changes in KU's fuel cost and are adjusted annually.  The PCA enables MMU to recover fluctuating wholesale power costs as they occur without overcharging or undercharging customers through fixed retail rates.

How is the PCA calculated?  MMU reviews the PCA calculation on a monthly basis.  The PCA calculation works by capturing the difference between the amount that MMU actually pays KU for wholesale power and the amount that MMU collects through its electric rates.  The PCA is then increased or decreased to reconcile the amount that MMU under collects or over collects.

Who do I call if I have additional questions about the PCA charges?   If you have any more questions concerning the PCA, please contact:

Cory Alexander 
Phone: (270) 824-2111

Ways to Pay Your Bill

MMU provides the following convenient options for paying bills:

  • Madisonville Municipal Utilities at 77 N. Main St. Try our convenient drive-thru or after-hours drop box.
  • On-line payment - Online payments will not post to the account until the next business day.
  • Mobile-friendly payment App for Android and iPhone devices - Search “Go Madisonville Payments” in the App Store.
  • Mail payment: MMU, PO Box 710, Madisonville, KY 42431
  • Automatic Bank Draft
  • Via phone with credit card, debit card or electronic check  (270) 824-2102


Levelized Payment-Plus Plan

The Levelized Payment-Plan Plus is an option for MMU customers who want their monthly billing amount to remain relatively the same month after month.

The plan is a simple summation of your present monthly utility billing, your previous eleven billings, any ending credit or debit, and a small percentage leveling factor for payment equalizing. The sum is divided by 12 giving you the current month billing. Once the average utility amount is determined Levelized Payment-Plus is designed to keep your monthly statements within a reasonable range. The difference between actual and average billings will be carried in a deferred balance that will accumulate both debit and credit differences for the duration of the plan (12 consecutive months). This plan does assist the monthly billing by better controlling higher than average winter or summer bills.  To be eligible for the Levelized Payment-Plus program the customer must:

  • Have lived at current residence for at least 12 continuous months
  • Have no more than one late notice during the previous 12 months
  • Have a zero balance
  • Agree to pay the full budget billing amount each month by the due date.
  • Complete the utility Levelized Payment-Plus Agreement and Billing Application.

Late Fees

Late payment charges for all customers will be 10% of the unpaid portion of all monthly charges, excluding arrears and taxes.

Customers who prove a primary source of income from a once monthly Social Security or Disability check will be exempted from late payment charges. Customer should request a Benefit Verification Statement by calling the Social Security Administration at (877) 626-9912 going online to www.socialsecurity.gov. or by visiting their offices at 4431 Hanson Road, Madisonville, KY. A photo ID will be required.

Customers may be granted only one (1) late fee credit in an 18 month period. To be eligible the customer must have an active MMU account with no late penalties applied or waived in the previous 18 months.

If an account becomes delinquent and subject to termination, an extension of 5 calendar days may be allowed by MMU upon a request from the customer. To qualify, the customer must:

  • Have no less than 18 months consecutive active service
  • Have no delinquencies within the preceding 18 months
  • Submit a payment of fifty (50) percent of the delinquent amount prior to the termination date
  • The extension shall only be allowed once within any 18 month period.

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