Transportation Department

The City of Madisonville Public Works Department is also responsible for maintaining 162 miles of streets inside the city limits of Madisonville.  The Public Works Department provides the following services related to the following issues.

Maintenance & Drainage

In the right of ways
Storm Sewers

Madisonville transportation paving2Concrete Services

Curbs & Gutters
City Owned Parking Lots


Each year the city receives "municipal aid" money to resurface an average of 5 miles of street which is contracted out of paving companies.

Short Sections of Street
Using Asphalt to fill pot holes
Maintenance of utility cuts by water leaks and sewer repairs

Madisonville transportation paving1

Traffic Control Functions

Handles all traffic control excluding electronic functions
The painting of crosswalks, curbs, parking spaces, parking lots and school crossings

Weather Related

Snow & Ice Control

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