emblemSpecial Event Application

City of Madisonville | Parks Department

Special Event Applications and Event Insurance copies must be submitted to the City of Madisonville at least 15 days prior to the event. Please submit completed application to:

City of Madisonville
Attn: Parks Superintendent
P.O. Box 705
Madisonville, KY 42431

Download the PDF Version HERE.

NOTE: The selling of anything is PROHIBITED on Park properties without Madisonville City Council approval. ('74 Code, § 19-7) (Ord. passed 6-18-73)

**Remember, the selling of anything is prohibited without Madisonville City Council approval.

Alcoholic Beverages are PROHIBITED on Park property without Madisonville City Council approval. Upon approval, you must also submit copies of a current ABC License, Proof of Event Insurance, and must be approved by Parks Department Superintendent. For questions, contact the ABC Officer at (270) 824-2100.

Hold Harmless Clause: Application/Event Producer shall save and hold the City of Madisonville and the Madisonville Parks Department harmless from and against all liability, claims and demands on account of personal injuries (including without limitation to the foregoing worker’s compensation and death claims) or property loss or damage of any kind whatsoever, which arises out of or be in any manner connected with the performance of this contract, regardless of whether such injury, loss or damage shall be caused by, or be claimed to be caused, by the negligence of the permit holder or the City of Madisonville and the Madisonville Parks Department; or by any agents or employees of any of the foregoing; or by accident; or otherwise.

The undersigned agrees to the terms of this agreement as outlined by the City of Madisonville and the Madisonville Parks Department.

The applicant ensures compliance with the following:

  • The observance of all applicable laws and ordinances
  • Any stipulations or restrictions or the permit
  • The applicant assumes any and all liabilities that may arise by the street closing and the related activity
  • Barricades

Required Documentation:

Proof of 501c3 non-profit status and proof of Event Insurance or General Liability Insurnace (if deemed necessary by Park Superintendent, City Council, or City Administration) must be submitted with application. Bouncy houses and other similar semi-ridged inflatable structures or devises, trampolines, and climbing apparatus in excess of six (6) feet in height are prohibited unless the applicant presents proof of Event and/or General Liability insurance in an amount of not less than $1 million with an insurance company acceptable to the City and the City of Madisonville is named as an Additional Insured thereon. Proof of such insurance must be provided at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled event.