Odd Fellows Cemetery

Odd Fellows Cemetery

Madisonville Parks & Cemeteries Department maintains and operates Odd Fellows and Eastside Odd Fellows Cemetery for the community.

Mowing and Maintenance

Your space(s)/lot(s) should be completely clear with the exception of the head and foot monuments and should not have anything blocking a clear mowing path.

All ornamental or decorative items (flowers excluded) should be completely removed from your space(s)/lot(s).  Trees, shrubs, fences, toys, gravel, beads, picture frames, statues, bird feeders, plaques, pin wheels, solar lights, etc. will not be allowed.

Flowers that have been placed directly on the ground should be completely removed.  Flowers must be placed in vases that are mounted on the monument, in monument saddles, or placed on shepherd's hooks.  Shepherd's hooks will be allowed in a reasonable number per space(s)/lot(s) and should be placed at either the head or the foot of the space(s)/lot(s).

All benches should be placed parallel with the head monument at the foot of the space(s)/lot(s) and should not be placed in concrete.  Benches will be allowed upon approval from the Cemetery Caretaker.  Wooden or plastic benches will not be permitted.

Wreath/flower stands and grave blankets will be allowed annually from November 1-March 1.  Items should be removed from your space(s)/lot(s) by March 1 each year.

Purchase Information

Your lot must be identified by ownership cornerstones which should be installed within 60 days from the date of the lot purchase.

Grave Openings/Closings: 
$450 Weekdays before 4:00 PM ($500 after 4:00 PM)
$500 Weekends before 4:00 PM ($550 after 4:00 PM)

Cremation Services:
$100 Weekdays before 4:00 PM ($150 after 4:00 PM)
$150 Weekends before 4:00 PM ($200 after 4:00 PM)

Please contact Cemetery Office  (270) 824-2129

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