Mahr Park

In 2009 the landscape of Madisonville's park system forever changed when Ms. Glema Mahr bequeathed her 265-acre farm to the City of Madisonville to be used as a park and recreation facility.  

Mahr Park is comparable in size to the current Madisonville City Park, which is a 262-acre park located in the Southeast quadrant of Madisonville.  Ultimately, the Mahr property will balance out the community's park land, as it is located on the opposite side of town from the existing park.  Mahr Park also borders Lake Pee Wee, a 420-acre lake that serves as Madisonville's main drinking water reservoir and also provides some smaller recreational boating and fishing opportunities.

The park is currently in the first phases of development with the entrance road and other necessary infrastructure recently completed.  It is anticipated that the park will open in late 2016. 

The City of Madisonville is so very grateful to have witnessed the life of Ms. Glema Mahr, and we're very proud that our citizens will reap the benefits of her contributions and generosity for many years to come. 


Thank you, Ms. Mahr!

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