Fire Department Training

trainingMadisonville Fire Department Training Division is dedicated to providing residents with competent and educated fire department personnel. This is obtained through implementation of required training, task specific training both formal and informal, and the promotion of individual career development.

The Madisonville Fire Department will continue to implement training that encompasses both classroom style as-well-as job performance skills training. The Department provides training to their personnel with the intent to continuously supply the most up-to-date procedures that will enhance the safety of firefighters and provide the most proficient service to the community. 


Have you always wondered what it would take to become a Madisonville Firefighter? Careers with the Madisonville Fire Department focus on Safety, Service, Education, and Tradition. Firefighter careers are also very RewardingDownload this full color brochure to learn more about how you could begin a career with the Madisonville Fire Department.

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Fire In the Community

Madisonville Fire Department seeks Training Officer

The City of Madisonville will be accepting applications for the position of Fire Training Officer. The qualified applicant must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent; supplemented by college level course work and basic fire fighting experience, emergency services and fire service management; 5 years experience in the fire service and one year in fire training; Kentucky certified or IFSAC certified as Instructor Level II; EMT certified, instructor preferred. Applications will be accepted until June 30th, 2016 and must be turned into the Human Resource Office at 67 N. Main Street, Madisonville KY 42431 by 4 p.m. Click the link to find information on the Job Classification SOP.

New Ladder Truck


Madisonville Fire Department begin looking for ways to replace its 1987 102' Rear Mount Ladder truck a few years back. The truck had numerous mechanical problems and was a open cab vehicle, which posed a serious risk to firefighters. Due to the overwhelming cost of this truck, the fire department applied for a AFG Assistance to Firefighters Grant. The AFG grant was turned down 5 years in a row.  In 2013 the AFG allowed vehicle grants to be applied for as a regional grant.

MFD decided to apply for this using the regional approach. It took into account all the run volume, vehicles, and staffing for the entire county.  In late 2013 MFD was awarded its AFG grant for $1,100,000 for its new ladder truck. It was also awarded $25,000 for additional NFPA required equipment, for the truck. MFD members looked at several different options for a new truck. It was determined that a Mid-Mount truck would best suit our needs.

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