S Main Sewer Report

South Main Sewer

  • The project estimate is 424 connections
  • 286 Connected, 67%
  • 250 Billing, 59%
  • Down to less than 400 feet of main line to construct
  • Contracted completion date is April; we anticipate the need for a change order to extend that date to make the house service connections and yard clean-up
  • Septic systems removed = 67
  • Mine vents plugged - 24
  • Change orders; $4,579 increase in a $3,023,861.40 contract, or +0.15%

Yard Clean-Up

  • Was to start on April 4, 2011 but due to weather, will be delayed until the ground dries out some.
  • There is a map of the project area that shows the plan for yard repair before today's rain.  With today's rain, it may be later in the week.  Click here for PDF of map.

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