Right-of-Way Encroachment

Right-of-Way Encroachment Permit

Driveway permits on public streets are issued by the Engineering Department through a Right-of-Way Encroachment Permit.  A site inspection is required that will consider such issues at distance from street intersections, the driveway width requested, and the size of the culvert pipe required.  The installation and maintenance of driveway culverts is the responsibility of the property owner. 

If the intent is to enclose a section of the ditch that is not part of the driveway, but instead to provide a flat surface to the road edge for mowing ease, again, a Right-of-Way Encroachment Permit is required from the Engineering Department.  In addition to determining the pipe size, the number and location of catch basins will also be specified.  The installation and maintenance of enclosed stormwater drains in these cases is the responsibility of the property owner. 

Enchroacment Permit

For more information, please contact the Engineering Department by calling (270) 824-2187

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