Construction Standards

City of Madisonville Construction Standards

The City of Madisonville is committed to supplying the cleanest water and healthiest environment for the people of the City of Madisonville and the surrounding Hopkins County utility service area. Further, the City will aid the advancement of local economic development by providing these services at the most prudent cost.

The adoption of these documents, by the City of Madisonville, have established these specifications as the basic uniform standards for the planning, design, and construction of water and wastewater projects performed within the City of Madisonville’s service areas.

Use of these standards should accomplish the following improvements:

  • Allow common interpretation of provisions.
  • Simplify the development process for Developers, Engineers, Surveyors, and Contractors.
  • Provide a continuing amendment process to meet the changing demands of new technology, new materials, and improved methods.
  • Reduce Local Government expenditures associated with staff or consultant development of specifications and training of construction inspectors/observers.
  • Result in decreased construction cost of water main and sanitary sewage facilities construction projects.

Standards Manual: Standards Manual September 2003

Sewer Standard Details: Sewer Detail Sheet 1, Sewer Detail Sheet 2, Sewer Detail Sheet 3, Sewer Force Main Detail Sheet,  Sewer Pump Station Detail Sheet

Water Standard Details: Water Detail Sheet 1, Water Detail Sheet 2

Copies of these documents may be acquired from the City of Madisonville’s Engineering Department, (270) 824-2187.

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