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Temporary Electric Service

How do I obtain Temporary Electric Service?

Step 1:  Fill out Application for Temporary Electric Service

  • Pick up Application for Electric Service at the Utility Office (77 N. Main St.) or Electric Department (609 McCoy Ave.)
  • Call 270-824-2130 and one can be faxed or emailed to you

Step 2:  Submit Application for Temporary Electric Service to Electric Department

  • Drop off application at the Electric Department (609 McCoy Ave.) or at Utility Office at 77 N. Main Street.
  • Fax to (270) 824-0167
  • Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Step 3:  Contact from Madisonville Electric Department

  • We may have questions concerning your application. If not, we will notify applicant that the contract is ready to be signed.

Step 4:  Sign Energy Services Contract

  • You can come to the Electric Department (609 McCoy Ave.) and sign contract
  • Contract can be faxed or emailed to you for signature, All pages of contract must be returned to the Electric Department (faxed or emailed)

Step 5:  Pay Deposit

  • Once contract is signed, deposit must be made at the Utility Office (77 N. Main St.)
  • Payments can be made in person or over the phone


The minimum construction charge for temporary, single phase service made from existing transformer installations without adding, modifying or extending MMU facilities shall be as follows:

100 amps or less (75 feet max.)--------------------- $60.00 Overhead  $100.00 Underground

101 to 200 amps (75 feet max.)--------------------- $75.00 Overhead  $150.00 Underground 

Service request for other sizes and types will be on a time and material basis.

The minimum non-refundable connect charge for a temporary service requiring the installation of a single overhead transformer and service drop from an existing primary and pole, will be $250.00, paid in advance.

Where underground temporary services require the installation and/or removal of facilities to supply service, the applicant will be required to pay the cost to provide such service. Normally, such service is available adjacent to the underground transformer or secondary pedestal at no charge.

Temporary services not covered by one of the above will be installed for the customer with the charge based upon the estimated up and down charge for the service. The total amount of this estimated cost is to be paid prior to the installation of the temporary facilities.

In addition to the above mentioned charges, there is an additional charge of $15.00 for each time MMED is called out by the customer to connect or disconnect a temporary service but is unable to perform this work because the customer is not ready for the service to be connected or disconnected, the service entrance does not meet MMED's standards and/or the service has not been inspected.

Temporary services are to be inspected the same as any other service by the electrical inspector. All such work shall comply with the latest edition of the N.E.C., MMED, N.E.S.C., and other applicable codes. As with all installations the grounding electrode must meet or exceed 25 ohms or less. Multiple electrodes shall be augmented to achieve the proper grounding requirements.

Note: MMED requires no less than two (2) - 8 feet x 5/8 inch, 13-mil copper-clad ground rod driven in undisturbed soil. All grounds shall meet 25 ohms or less

All service agreements, except for temporary or short-term service, shall be for a term of five years or longer unless permanently terminated by the customer. At the expiration of such term, unless the agreement contains a definite extension provision, the service agreement shall be automatically extended indefinitely until canceled by either party. Applications for temporary or short-term service shall be accepted when MMU has capacity available at the point of delivery and in accordance with the provisions of the applicable service schedule.

Application For Services

Upon receipt of this information the Electric Department will begin the process to supply power to your business, including examiation of the electrical service. After completion of these steps the "Energy Services Contract" will be prepared for your review and signature. An officer of the company and/or owner should go to 609 McCoy Ave to finalize the contract, please have proper identification available.

A minimum of three business days will be necessary to process your request.

Sample Energy Services Contract

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