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Application For Commercial Electric Service

Residential Service Applications are available through Madisonville Municipal Utilities, Residential Service Applications. Download Aplication

Dear Customer,

Welcome to the City of Madisonville Municipal Utilities Department. It is a privilege to be your utility provider and as such, it is our goal to provide the highest level of service to meet your needs. In an effort to assist our customers we have provided multiple options for you to utilize in applying for service.

1.  Fill in this online application
2.  Call (270) 824-2130 or visit our offices at:  609 McCoy Avenue, Madisonville KY
3.  Download the Service Application

Upon receipt of your information the Electric Department will begin the process to process service for your facility; including examination of the electrical service. After completion of these steps, the Energy Services Contract will be prepared for your review and signature. Sample Service Contract

Please allow three business days to process your request.  All contracts will require presentation of proper identification including photo ID and all applicants are subject to a complete credit check.

Commercial Deposit Deferral

MMU may allow an existing commercial customer who desires to relocate, expand or start a new buisness; defer part of the initial electric utility deposit, providing all the following minimum requirements are met:

  1. A new Energy Services Contract application shall be completed and submitted to the Electric Deparment at 609 McCoy Avenue.
  2. Applicant must have an existing active commercial MMU account and have no more than one late notice within the preceding twenty-four (24) continuous months of active service. Applicant must also be current on all MMU accounts.
  3. Applicant applying for a partial deposit deferral must be the same person(s) currently listed on the existing MMU account.
  4. Upon review and subject to approval by MMU, the applicant will be required to execute the Energy Services Contract and submit an initial payment of no less than fifty (50) percent of the initial full deposit requirement, prior to rendering service.
  5. The deposit deferral shall not exceed $2,500
  6. The remaining deposit balance will be added to the regular monthly utility bill in five (5) equal payments. In the event a utility billing late notice or delinquency occurs during the deferral period, all remaining deposits also become delinquent, and shall be immediately pain in full.
  7. Only one (1) deposit deferral will be allowed per applicant within a 24 month period.

If you feel you qualify for this deferral please submit the following:

Madisonville Transit (Bus)   GO Madisonville   Pay Utilities or Property Taxes   iRecycle Information   CodeRED Information   Contact Form
Madisonville Transit (Bus)   Go Madisonville   Pay Utilities or Property Taxes   iRecycle Information   CodeRED Information   Contact Form