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Security Lights

A customer making application for security lights must execute a contract with the Utility for a period of not less than specified in the contract. The Utility will inspect the site to determine if such request can be met. Any light installed must be readily accessible by MMED personnel and equipment to maintain and service the light. If agreeable, MMED will install the desired size photo-electrically controlled security light and furnish the electricity for a flat monthly rate as shown in the Outdoor Lighting Rate Schedule. If these fixtures can be installed on existing poles, no installation charge will be made. If additional poles and or transformers are required, the Customer will pay for the installation prior to receiving service at a charge, which represents the estimated cost for installing this type facility.

Security Lighting Service

AVAILABILITY  This rate schedule is available, for the various types of security lighting services shown herein, in any area which MMED has an electric service. Service is subject to the provisions herein and the provisions of MMED's standard contract for security lighting service. Should the service not meet these standard provisions, than MMED reserves the right to revise the charges listed hereinafter to include any additional or usual cost involved.


1. DURATION: Service will be from dusk to dawn, automatically controlled.

2. STANDARD OVERHEAD SYSTEM: Security lighting equipment furnished under the Standard Overhead Rate shall consist of wood poles, brackets, appropriate fixtures for the lamps being used, the necessary overhead security lighting circuit, protective equipment, controls and transformers. MMED will install, own, operate and maintain the entire security lighting system, including circuits, lighting fixtures and lamp replacements. The Customer shall pay the Standard Overhead Rate.

3. CLASSIC UNDERGROUND SYSTEM: MMED may upon request, furnish under the CLASSIC Underground Rate, Classic poles of MMED's choosing, together with underground wiring and all other equipment and provisions as necessary.

4. The Customer requesting three (3) above will pay the Classic Underground Rate. In request for underground, the customer will pay the difference between overhead and underground for material, equipment and labor. MMED will visit the customer's premises and determine the scope of the project and a cost estimate. Only property owners may request additional poles to be placed on their property. All monies due are to be paid prior to installation or procurement of materials.

5. The customer shall be responsible for fixture replacement or repairs where such replacement or repairs are caused from willful damage, vandalism or causes other than normal burnout.

6. MMED shall, at the request of Customer, relocate or change existing MMED owned equipment. Customer shall reimburse MMED for such changes at current rate including appropriate overheads.

Type & Rate


 (no longer available)


 175 watt



 400 watt





 150 watt



 250 watt



 400 watt





 400 watt -HPS



 400 watt metal halide



 Classic Pole




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