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Community Development

Madisonville Renaissance Program

Madisonville Renaissance is committed to commercial district revitalization. The program follows recommendations of the National Trust for Historic Preservation in an effort to enhance, and promote, downtown revitalization. Madisonville Renaissance sponsors such programs as the Annual Friday Night Live Summer Concert Series in an effort to showcase all that the downtown has to offer. With period lighting, the cabin of a former governor, and brick sidewalks, visitors to downtown Madisonville can enjoy fine dining, antique shopping, lodging opportunities and a myriad of other services.

Madisonville Renaissance/Historic District Map

The Historic District Commission:

The Madisonville Renaissance Program is also assisted by an appointed body known as the Historic District Commission. The purpose of a Historic District Commission is to:

  1. Effect and accomplish the preservation, protection, and use of the Historic Preservation District.  Including individual landmarks which lend a special character and historic, architectural value to the city, state, and nation;
  2. Promote the educational, cultural, economic, and general welfare of the people and safeguard of the people and safeguard the city's history and heritage as embodied and reflected in its historic preservation district and landmarks;
  3. Stabilize and improve property values in such district and in the city as a whole;
  4. Foster civic pride in the value of notable accomplishments of the past;
  5. Strengthen the economy of the city;
  6. Protect and enhance the city's attractions to residents and visitors; and
  7. Enhance the visual and aesthetic character, diversity, and interest of the city.

Historic District Commission Members

Chair - Cliff Nance (Chair term expires Feb 2016, Commisison term expires Feb 2016)
Vice-Chair - Jenny Gibson (Vice-Chair term expires Feb 2016, Commission term expires Sept 2018)
Secretary - Vacant
Commissioner - Amanda Keith (term expires Feb 2016)
Commissioner - Leif Ratliff (term expires Feb 2016)
Commissioner - Tim Teel (term expires Feb 2016)
Commissioner - David Thomas (term expires Feb 2017)
Commissioner - Dean Sheets (term expires Sept 2018)
Individuals interested in performing exterior non-routine maintenance and or renovations to property in the Historic District are required to complete an Application for Certificate of Appropriateness.

Historic District Guidelines

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