Madisonville Preservation Walk

Downtown Madisonville PreservationFor those of you, or your family members, who have been a part of Madisonville's history, you can now preserve that history in the heart of the city. The city of Madisonville presents a wonderful opportunity for your family or loved one to be remembered by the community in a personalized brick or cornerstone. Each brick, or cornerstone, will be engraved to your request and laid in the sidewalk downtown. The Preservation Walk is an exceptional way to mark the birth of a child, a wedding anniversary, an achievement in life, a dedication or memorial of a loved one.

Dedicated to individuals, families, and businesses, the Preservation Walk permanently paves our downtown with history. With your purchase you help exemplify your commitment to be a remembered part of Madisonville's history. The Preservation Walk helps install a sense of community pride from one generation to the next. Through participation in the Preservation Walk you help continue a tradition to preserve the values that make Madisonville, "The Best Town on Earth!"

To participate in this unique opportunity, please complete the required form, sign the application and return the form, with payment included.

Bricks may contain three lines of text and up to 13 characters (spaces included) per line.

The number of text lines and characters on Cornerstones is dependent upon font size and if a graphic is used. Font size will be determined based on visual appeal and readability.

Cost for each brick engraving is $100.00. Costs for cornerstones begin at $500 (please call for a quote).

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