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Madisonville Airport

Madisonville Regional Airport

Madisonville airport logoHistory

In 1942, S. J. Campbell Co., a Chicago-based furniture manufacturing company located a plant in Madisonville, Kentucky to manufacture and test parachutes for the military.  They needed an airstrip for the company plane to use in testing.  Mr. Campbell and Walter Watkins, a local aviation enthusiast, bought 89.91 acres of land in Anton.  Ed Heeden was hired as the company's pilot to do the testing and developed the airfield.

S. J. Campbell Co. continued production until the end of the war in 1944.  The airport needed improvements, so the Madisonville Airport Corporation was formed in early 1943 and the 89.91 acres was sold to the corporation.  Two grass strips that crossed were constructed along with a building for maintenance and repairs as well as a hangar for six airplanes.

In 1948 a storm damaged the building and six airplanes.  The corporation was unable to pay their bills and the airport was sold at auction to Kentucky Bank and Trust for $8,700 on July 7, 1952.  A group of community leaders raised the money to pay the bank and the airport.

On January 2, 1953 the property was transferred to the City of Madisonville, KY.  In 1959 a newly paved single runway stretching 3500 x 75 ft. was constructed.  In 1964 a grant from the Kentucky Department of Aviation provided the funds to make improvements and construct a 4200 x 75 ft. runway.

In 2002 the runway was widened to 100 ft. Another upgrade took place in 2004 when the runway was expanded to 6050 x 100 ft. and strengthened to accommodate the landing weight of a fully loaded C-130 cargo plane (130.000# per axle).

Board Members

Jimmy Riddle, Chairman
Joe Evans, Secretary
Board Members:  Ron Hogart, Mark Metcalfe, Andy Bachman, Lowell Sharkey and Michael Howard


Crew Car Availability
Pilot Snooze Room
Secured WiFi Service
WSI Weather Service

Pilot Lounge with FAX and Printer
Clean Restrooms
Conference Room
Public Access Lobby
Restaurants, Lodging & Shopping within 3-5 miles

T-Hangar Rental
Community Hangar Rental
Ramp with Tie-downs
Emergency Aircraft Maintenance Available

VOR Approach (Runway 23)
R-NAV (Runway 23)
GPS Approaches (Runways 23 & 5)
MIL AVCARD accepted

AWOS III Equipped
OMNI Directional Approach
Lighting System (ODAL) (Runway 23)
Runway End Identification
Lights (REIL)

Precision Approach Path
Indicator (PAPI)
Non-Precision Instrument
Clearance Delivery on Ground
Rotating Beacon

We support the Wendell Ford Training Center in Greenville, KY.  The military has produced a 50-year lease of 22 acres to construct a ramp to accommodate three C-130 aircraft and support services.

We are open for business and looking for an aviation or corporate business to be based at 2I0-Madisonville Municipal Airport.

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Madisonville Transit (Bus)   Go Madisonville   Pay Utilities or Property Taxes   iRecycle Information   CodeRED Information   Contact Form