Local linemen head south to aid Florida relief efforts

Hurricane Irma made its dreaded landfall in Florida a couple of weeks ago hammering numerous regions and resulting in untold damage due to its high winds and heavy rainfall.

Although the flooding has started to subside, millions are still left without power and the state of Florida is still in a state of declared emergency. The City of Madisonville will be fully supporting the relief effort that is beginning to take place and is eager to provide any and all types of reprieve that we are capable of delivering.

A team of five local linemen Willie Sisk, Zach Kolb, Jimmy Duncan, Kevin Creekmur, and Jody Groves from the City of Madisonville Electric Department, located on McCoy Avenue, left at 5 A.M. Friday morning to join crews from Providence also headed to the Jacksonville area to begin helping Floridians to assist in cleanup efforts and restoring power to areas that have amassed damages following the tropical storm.  

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