Walk Madisonville! Tour Unveiled

The Woman’s Club of Madisonville, chartered in 1969, is a local organization dedicated to improving our communities through volunteer service. These ladies focus on six specific areas of service, including: Art, Conservation, Education, Home Life, International Outreach and Public Issues.

With 93 current members ranging from their 20s to their 90s, the Woman’s Club has successfully completed several beautification projects within our local community within the last few years. Most recently, they turned vintage bicycles into works of art proudly displayed throughout downtown with brightly painted bodies and seasonal flower baskets.

The newest initiative, The Walk Madisonville! Downtown tour, was unveiled last week in front of the Montpelier mural in front of a large crowd and features three tours highlighting the historical, patriotic and artistic points in the heart of our great city. The points of interest are numbered, but you may begin your tour at any point along the route, as each of the three paths make a complete loop.  

This was a signature project of Woman’s Club President Donna Vaughn over the past two years. This project was sponsored by Woman’s Club of Madisonville, Hopkins County Tourist & Convention Commission and the City of Madisonville.

“The City of Madisonville really appreciates all of the great things that the Woman’s Club does to beautify and improve our community,” said Mayor David Jackson. “‘Walk Madisonville!’ is one such program that not only encourages a healthy lifestyle, but also helps foster an appreciation of Madisonville’s rich history.”

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