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Baptist Health: Creating a Healthier Madisonville

With almost 2,000 employees, Baptist Health Madisonville is the largest employer located within Hopkins County. What was formerly known as the Trover Clinic and Regional Medical Center has evolved into a specialized, skilled healthcare facility.  During Mayor Jackson’s visit, we toured just two of these service areas, Mother Baby Care and the Merle M. Mahr Cancer Center. 

“Strong healthcare presence is critical to the physical and economic health of any community,” said Baptist Health Madisonville President Rob Ramey. “Healthcare is local. It is our privilege to provide care for our neighbors, friends and loved ones.”

With over 800 deliveries, 8,000 admissions, 7,000 surgeries and 25,000 emergency room visits within the last calendar year, Baptist Health has made a large impact on our local economy. With over $100 million dollars pouring back into the community to assist with our local economy, this doesn’t account for the multiplier effect that undoubtedly plays an even bigger hand with supporting local businesses and restaurants.

With the slogan “Your labor is our labor of love” emblazoned on the lobby walls in Labor and Delivery, the precedent is set for the care you will receive before you even cross the threshold. From a nurturing and caring staff to the special ability to bond with your babies after birth, Baptist provides each expecting mother with up-to-date maternity and childbirth care and provides you with a beautiful, memorable experience.

 “We are a local hospital, but we are also Baptist,” said Ramey. “It is not uncommon to walk into a room on any given day and find our staff praying with our patients and visitors. We believe the healing process includes spiritual health and we make efforts to ensure that this is a part of the care that we provide every day.  We believe this is just one of the things that set us apart.”  Mayor Jackson was able to witness the power of a praying staff first-hand.

The Merle M. Mahr Cancer Center continues to adapt with state-of-the-art treatments and expansive services provided for their patients. $3.5 million dollars has been invested in upgrading the linear accelerator for radiation services to allow for faster, more precise care of more patients.

“Having a hospital of this caliber within a community of this size is rare,” said Mayor David Jackson. “I am thankful for the investment that Baptist makes into the community, their employees and each individual patient that steps through their doors. The environment and staff at Baptist Health Madisonville don’t make you feel like you are entering a hospital, they welcome you into a warm environment where you are treated like family and receive the highest quality of patient care.”  

As a fully accredited medical institution, Baptist Health doesn’t just meet national standards, it exceeds them in more ways than one. Baptist Health and their employees are focused on creating a healthier you for an overall healthier Madisonville.

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